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Sarah Griffith

I came to ultimate in college via pretty much every other sport. Growing up in Michigan, my first loves were football and hockey. My parents always told me, “You can do anything you put your mind to,” and probably immediately regretted that when they had to watch all noodly 55 pounds of me getting slammed around the football field and the hockey rink by boys twice my size.

In high school, I took the “nerdy” route, joining chemistry club, debate club and pretty much every band the school had to offer. Among my first gold medals were marching band state championships! So the athlete and the nerd in me fell in love with ultimate in my freshman year at Michigan.

I moved to Seattle after graduating from Michigan in 2008 and got my Masters in Teaching. I’m now a sixth grade teacher and an ultimate coach on the side. I love teaching middle school students because every day is a different blend of inspiring, awkward, gross, hilarious and just plain baffling.

Fun Facts about Sarah:

  • I might be better known as Surge in the ultimate community.
  • My senior thesis from Michigan is cited as a source in Kurt Vonnegut’s official biography.
  • My two front teeth are fake – I got them knocked out playing hockey when I was 12.
  • My middle name is only a single letter: J.
2008-Present Seattle Riot
2016 U.S. Women's National Team
2013 U.S. World Games Team
2005-2007 Michigan MOJO
2004-2008 University of MIchigan Flywheel
2016 Gold - World Ultimate and Guts Championships
2014 Gold - World Ultimate Club Championships
2013 Gold - World Games

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