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#36 / Hybrid

Nicky Spiva

I picked up ultimate when a friend dragged me to a tournament as a junior in high school. Turns out, I loved it.

Outside of ultimate, I am a program specialist for the Charter Schools Office in the School District of Philadelphia. Basically, I support the development of annual evaluations of charter schools in the city. Check out our reports.

Fun Facts about Nicky:

  • I write left-handed.
  • I’ve broken both the middle and pointer fingers on my right hand playing ultimate.
  • I believe we should say “person-defense” instead of “man-defense” in mixed settings because down with the patriarchy.
2015-Present Washington, DC Truck Stop
2016 U.S. Mixed National Team - WUGC
2015 U.S. Beach Mixed National Team
2011-2014 Atlanta Chain Lightning
2013 U.S. National Team Alternate - World Games
2009-2012 Colorado College Wasabi
2009-2010 Chattanooga Tanasi
2008 Nashville Guillermo y Compania
2007 Knoxville Deliverance
2016 Gold - World Ultimate and Guts Championships
2016 Spirit Captain - U.S. Mixed National Team
2015 Bronze - World Championships of Beach Ultimate
2011 Team Spirit Award Winner - National Championships
2011 Callahan Award Runner-Up
2011 Team Spirit Award Winner - College Championships

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