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#2 / Hybrid

Grant Lindsley

I picked up good manners and a love for hip hop as a child in Atlanta, Ga. I learned to play ultimate in third grade and then chose it over other sports in high school because I loved the ultimate coach at Paideia, Michael Baccarini.

The next eight years in Minnesota instilled an everlasting affection for the Midwest. I stumbled into meditation as a senior in college, and it continues to alter how I think and what I value. Paddling in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota began an enduring affinity for extended times in wilderness.

My professional life includes stints in consulting, outdoor education and technology. More accurately, I would describe adult life so far as a series of failed but informative attempts to lead an engaging and helpful life. Right now, I’m a senior synergy synthesis specialist at Google.

I enjoy bodies of freshwater, lighthearted jokes and design that values functional simplicity.

Fun Facts about Grant:

  • I’m building a “tiny house” on a 16-foot trailer in Oakland, Calif., to be donated to a family in need.
  • I’m convinced that tights will eventually replace shorts in ultimate.
  • I lived in a cave for a couple months in Thailand.
2016-Present San Francisco Revolver
2010-2015 Minneapolis Sub Zero
2007-2009 Atlanta Chain Lightning
2007-2011 Carleton College CUT
2004-2007 Paideia School
2016 Silver- National Championships
2014 Sub Zero Team Spirit Award Winner
2011 Gold - College Championships
2010 Silver - College Championships
2009 Gold - College Championships
2008 Gold - U.S. U-19 National Team
2006 Gold - U.S. U-19 National Team

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