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George Stubbs

I was born in Boston, Mass., where I spent the first nine years of my life living as a dorm kid in Cambridge – my parents were part of the Harvard administration. My whole family moved to Atlanta in 1998, and I grew up around the Paideia School with my brother and sister as students and both parents as part of the faculty. I started playing ultimate in elementary school before playing varsity and then joining Atlanta Chain Lightning when I was 16. As a soccer player by trade, I was immediately attracted to the fast-paced competitive atmosphere of ultimate, balanced with true sportsmanship, great teams and a strong community.

I moved back to Harvard for college where I majored in organizational behavior (group dynamics and leadership) and wrote my senior thesis on patterns in language use by ultimate coaches.

I lived and worked in Boston after graduation until 2015 before taking a year off from ultimate and doing a long hike out west with my wife, Emma. She and I live in Sausalito, Calif., on the water (see fun facts). We both work in the city and spend as much time in the hills of Marin County as we can. I work for the Trium group, a small consulting firm specializing in leadership and culture development. We often work with senior teams to help evolve and improve mindset and the ability to work together. It’s great work, and I originally became interested in the field through fantastic ultimate team experiences.

Outside of work and ultimate, I love to bake bread, wood-work and renovate my home. I mountain bike and hike, and I’m learning to kiteboard.

Fun Facts about George:

  • I own and live on a floating home (a.k.a. “house boat”) in Sausalito. We’re slowly renovating it. I train for ultimate using my home gym on our roof deck.
  • I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015 with my wife, Emma. It took five months and is 2,650.1 miles long.
  • I’m trying my best to become a hummus connoisseur.
2016-Present San Francisco Revolver
2008-2014 Boston Ironside
2013 U.S. World Games Team
2007-2011 Harvard University Red Line
2008 U.S. U-19 Men's National Team
2005-2007 Atlanta Chain Lightning
2004-2007 Paideia Gruel
2006 U.S. U-19 Men's National Team
9-Time National Championship Semifinalist
5-Time National Championship Finalist
2016 Gold - Coach - World Junior Ultimate Championships
2014 Silver - Coach - World Junior Ultimate Championships
2013 Gold - World Games
2013 Co-Captain - U.S. World Games Team
2012 Gold - Coach - World Junior Ultimate Championships
2011 Callahan Award Winner
2010 Team Spirit Award - College Championships
2008 Gold - Player - World Junior Ultimate Championships
2007 Mud Bowl MVP
2006 Gold - Player - World Junior Ultimate Championships

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