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Anna Nazarov

I joined the inaugural women’s team at UCLA in the fall of 2003 and helped lead BLU to a finals appearance at the College Championships in just the team’s third year of existence. I was chosen by my peers across the country for the Callahan Award in 2007. Every year since 2012, I’ve been honored to represent the U.S. in various international tournaments, such as WUGC, the World Games, WUCC and WCBU. Locally, I captain San Francisco Fury and coach the Cal women’s B team.

Off the field, I am a civil engineer with an emphasis in all things water. I spend my time restoring streams, designing stormwater infrastructure and modeling the movement of water through pipes, culverts, creeks and rivers.

Fun Facts about Anna:

  • I’m also known as Maddog.
  • If I won the lottery, I would quit my job, buy some land and open a dog sanctuary.
  • I LOVE dad jokes. (How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it!)
  • Ultimate was my first team sport.
2012-Present San Francisco Fury
2016 U.S. Women's National Team
2015 U.S. Beach Women's National Team
2015 Boston Skeeahreet
2015 Baylands Kite Flying Team
2013 U.S. National Team Alternate - World Games
2011 San Francisco Blackbird
2009-2010 San Francisco Zeitgeist
2007-2008 San Francisco Skyline
2006 Los Angeles Fusion
2003-2007 UCLA BLU
2016 Gold - World Ultimate and Guts Championships
2016 Kathy Pufahl Award Winner
2015 Gold - World Championships of Beach Ultimate
2015 Gold - Beach Championships
2015 Gold - Masters Championships
2012 Gold - National Championships
2011 Gold - National Championships
2007 Callahan Award Winner
2004 Southwest Freshman of the Year

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