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Get to Know: Kaci Cessna

The 2018 World Under 24 Ultimate Championships are underway in Perth, Australia! Take some time to get to know members of your U-24 National Teams a little better as they embark on their quest for gold.

Kaci Cessna
2018 U.S. Women’s U-24 National Team

Years Playing Ultimate: 6

High School Team: Broomfield High School

College Team: Colorado State University Helles Belles

Worlds Experience: First Worlds! It’s an opportunity I didn’t think I really had access to. It kind of just rolled into my life. I just feel lucky to be here.

Most Looking Forward to Playing With: It’s tough because everyone is incredible, so good. But I’ve really enjoyed playing with Nhi [Nguyen] again because I played with her at YCC for two summers and Molly Brown for a summer, but we haven’t played together in five years. So it’s going to be really fun to play with her again. I’m also excited to play with Julia Schmaltz. She’s really easy to work with.

Team You’re Most Excited to Face: I’m really excited to face the Japanese. I think I’m just fascinated with how different our lives are, but how ultimate is still the same. I think it will be a really cool experience. I think our different cultures will be most noticeable in that game.

Favorite Ultimate Memory: I think one of the best experiences was Centex of 2015. It rained for days beforehand, and the fields were terrible, so there was just mud covering the fields. It was the most comical tournament. If you stood still too long, you’d just sink into your ankles, it was so muddy. Just to try and watch people play – you had to lay out so much because you couldn’t get to anything. But it was so fun because none of the teams gave up. Even with ridiculous conditions, teams were driving to win, even with eight inches of mud. It was a blast.

Hobbies Outside Ultimate: I love outdoor sports. I ski, climb and bike, pretty much anything outside in the woods.

Fun Fact: I can eat an entire large pizza by myself, anytime.

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