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Get to Know: Jake Fella

The 2018 World Under 24 Ultimate Championships are underway in Perth, Australia! Take some time to get to know members of your U-24 National Teams a little better as they embark on their quest for gold.

Jake “Specs” Fella
2018 U.S. Men’s U-24 National Team

Years Playing Ultimate: 5

College Team: Purdue University Undue

Worlds Experience: First big tournament. I’ve never been to Nationals – college, club, nothing. First Worlds, first anything big time.

Most Excited to Play With: Probably someone on the D line. Eric Taylor has pretty good flick bombs. Fax [Jacob Fairfax] is a beast. Sawyer is dominant. So those guys. I can’t say about the O line guys because we’re not on the field at the same time.

Team You’re Most Excited to Face: I guess Canada. It seems like, from what I hear, that they’re going to be our biggest competition, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Favorite Ultimate Memory: It has to be something at Purdue. This past year, we actually won a tournament. We won Midwest Throwdown – it’s not some big tournament that a bunch of these guys [teammates] go to, but we ended the weekend 8-0 or 9-0. That was pretty fun. Also the progression of what our club did from my freshman year to when I left…where we left it, it’s almost like a program now. It’s not a perennial powerhouses like a lot of these guys going to Nationals, but I think Purdue is respectable in the Great Lakes now.

Hobbies Outside Ultimate: I grew up a sports fan. My dad played baseball, so I’m a huge baseball fan. I still like to go get on the mound every now and then, warm the arm up. I like watching sports. I like rooting on the Pacers, the Colts – the Colts are terrible right now. Purdue sports. Hanging out with friends. I’m pretty easy going.

Fun Fact: I’m from Santa Claus, Indiana.

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