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Get to Know: Elliott Chartock

The 2018 World Under 24 Ultimate Championships kick off this Sunday, January 7, in Perth, Australia. Take some time to get to know members of your U-24 National Teams a little better before they start their quest for gold.

Elliott Chartock
2018 U.S. Men’s U-24 National Team

Years Playing Ultimate: 5

College Team: Stanford Bloodthirsty

Club Teams:
Oakland Guerrilla (2017)
Comunidad del Oso
Stanford and Sons

Worlds Experience: First national team

Most Looking Forward to Playing with: Well, obviously Jack Williams. But past that, I think Cam Wariner. We’ve had a good rivalry in the Southwest for a few years. We’ve been marking against each other and knocking each other out of seasons and stuff, so it’s fun to be on the same team.

Team You’re Most Excited to Face: I’m very excited for Colombia because I know a few guys from Oso. I used to speak Spanish pretty well, and it’s been a few years. I’m the spirit captain, so I’ve been mentally going over some speeches for the end [of the game]. I know it won’t come out as smoothly as I hope, but I’m excited to get to talk Spanish with some people I know and just see them in Australia.

Most Excited for What at U-24 Worlds: Stepping onto that field for the first time wearing the U.S.A. jersey is going to be really cool. Seeing all the fans and all the flags from the different countries and that first pull actually going up and getting ready to play will be amazing, pretty spectacular.

Favorite Ultimate Memory: My favorite memory is from my freshman year, when I was just discovering the sport, and it was a few days before we found out if we made the A team at Stanford. I had a lot of work and a lot of ultimate and was kind of feeling stressed. And there was one night, in a few days, when they were going to tell us if we made it, and I decided I was going to tell them I wasn’t trying out anymore. I was going to play on Prison, the B team, that year. The next day, I was going to email the captains, and that night, they did this thing where they roll you out and wake you up in the morning and have all these traditions. It was just such a fun, crazy night with a lot of good bonding. We were up until about 6 a.m., and I had a 9 a.m. class, and from 6 until 9, I was just watching highlights and was so into it. From then on, I got totally bought into the culture and the team.

Hobbies Outside Ultimate: I’ve done some ant research. I’m pretty into ants. If you’re curious about ants, they’re pretty amazing – some of the similarities between neurology and the brain and how cancer spreads is pretty similar to how ants interact. There are also some pretty cool ant algorithms. So yeah, ant research is a cool thing. Ask me about ants!

I’ve also recently been getting into teaching. I’ve been really enjoying that as I’m starting to think about my career. I’m teaching mainly sophomores and juniors in college as a TA. I don’t know what I want to do, and it’s something I’m really starting to enjoy. So yeah, ants and teaching.

Fun Fact: I’ll go with a cute one. It’s maybe not the most fun, but we’ve had three yellow labs in my lifetime, so I’m a huge yellow lab fan. Every time I go home, we put two double beds together, to make a king bed. That way both dogs – we have two now (Bailey and Nella) – can sleep in the bed with me every night I’m home. It’s not unique, but maybe it’s fun.

Bailey is my heart. She and I have a special connection – and Nella is the other one. I love Nella, but my mom and Nella are very close, and Bailey and I are very close, so they each get attention.

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