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Get to Know: Amel Awadelkarim

The 2018 World Under 24 Ultimate Championships kick off this Sunday, January 7, in Perth, Australia. Take some time to get to know members of your U-24 National Teams a little better before they start their quest for gold.

Amel Awadelkarim
2018 U.S. Women’s U-24 National Team

Years Playing Ultimate: 5

College Team: Penn State Crisis

2017 Club Team: Washington, D.C. Scandal

Worlds Experience: First trip!

Most Looking Forward to Playing with: It’s weird because it changed. In the beginning, I knew big names like Angela Zhu, Jaclyn Verzuh, and I was excited to play with them. But now, I’m making really close connections with even some people who are on my coast. I’m excited to play with Carolyn Normile and Dani Runzo, who both come from the Ohio Valley, which is my region. I also have become really close with Ella [Hansen]; she’s a really fun person to have as a teammate and Hannah Henkin. It transitioned from big names to people I knew very well on my coast that I’m excited to play with.

Team You’re Most Excited to Face: Colombia. The Cardenas sisters have a pretty big reputation. I’ve watched a lot of their videos, and they’re pretty explosive and fun to watch, so it will be fun to play against them.

Most Excited for What at U-24 Worlds: Making really close connections with all of my teammates over the next two weeks. Even if we’re going to split after, it will be fun to have roots in a lot of different cities in my country.

Favorite Ultimate Memory: Probably my senior year of college – I was captaining, and I got my team, for the first time in my history at least being at Penn State, to fly to a tournament. We flew to Centex, and I made up a dance for my team with another teammate for the dance competition and taught it to my team for weeks leading up to the tournament. We performed it, and it was so much fun. We came in third in the dance competition out of 20 something teams, and it rocked our world. That was our highlight for years.

Hobbies Outside Ultimate: Singing

Fun Fact: I can’t burp.

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